A Wednesday

Why you got that look… why don’t you talk more, Wuts wrong with you?

Questions frequently asked of mEyEmYsELF

Answered simply ViA WerdsNeverWritten

A Wednesday

Oh, the Dumbest Bitch tells me at 4:40pm when I’m trying to hook up the net/WiFi… she gotta go get her sticker for her car and they close at 5pm.

TheBitch•Miss that’s MiNE, “, “Yea That’s why I haven’t gone anywhere in my car. Hey can you grab that Tupperware for me and bring it?”

Me, ” Um… “Yea well I can wait to drill the hole for the line let me just connect for now.”

Dumb HoE, “Well I gotta take my stuff and get there before they close, who’s in the bathroom?”

Me, “Well I just walked in first time today so x-ray vision a little cloudy, don’t know who it is Sean I guess… You know the place is just down the street why are you taking all your stuff?”

TheBitch•Miss that’s MiNE,, “I go it’s go see Ciera and whomp whomp wanna whomp wawa whomp wa…. whomp”

Me, “Yes Mam’ oh you don’t say mam, yes yes mam, sure do… say wut is up with the clothes in the front?”

Dumb Hoe, “Oh those are from..”

Me, “Yea I know where there from, I mean, why are they just thrown every..”

TheBitch•Miss that’s MiNE, “I still have to go through them!” Smile from ear to ear as she triumphantly complete yvarious masterful squeezes to the driver seat of her completely packed electric blue mustang and once again… “whomp whomp” through the rolled up window
Not driving away.

Me in thought, “Rehab, even at a Hollywood Certified Badass place to get clean(if thou would desire) can not save that HoE.”

What ElsE Too S.A.y? • EyEaME •

EyEaME Mr Always WronG

Now EyE would have way, way more friends if EyE just gave out compliments

EyE would have way, way more success if EyE never cared and listened to my concise

EyE would have way, way more Money if EyE never knew it wasn’t real in the first place

EyE would have never learned anything at all if EyE hadn’t failed so many times by Making Mistakes

Wrong before EyE started
Started out the Wrong Way.
Was Wrong for even simply attempting to even have a thought of my own

Without my Wrongs how could EyE Ever RitE?

Accused as the Wrong Culprit
Convicted for the Wrong Crime allotted the Wrong amount of time for the offense

SeA how now Splash Werds into Metaphors ashore deliver

All i’s upon thee not at all healthy Wrong hypothesis DOG is not ill

Hyperbole LiFE RaFT of Synonyms Transform as Similes into Antonyms at the same Thyme

Mix and Match Adjectives as in Kitchen Frying Pans as if Person or Place Themselves a Thing

Now what EyE call M+M’s

Deliver Verbal Optics on Web document SeW SiC

The Aftermath these Werds Your Brain Never wanna Detox

yea DOG is Ok but my Werd PLaY SiC too Much Much Never Due Think about it Two Much

Like Hand Stitched Silk Fabric CoVERiNG Corduroy unDER GarMENTs

Accompanied by Tie Dye Accessories •SiC• EyE’m iLL theWoN•oF•oNE

Just More •WerdsNeverWritten •


LORD We Thank You for the Food in Our Stomaches
For theClothes on Our Backs
And for the Roof Above Our Heads
For We Know There are Those who will Go without Tonight
We ask that You Bless Them LORD

And Please

May They Not Hear My Voice
Though They Can Not See My Face
Nor are They Able to Feel My Kisses
Please LORD
Let Each of My Children Know in Their Hearts as Well as Their Minds
By Their PoP

Thank You LORD


Go FuC Yourself

You Don’t Want No Beef???

Torment and Bully Just Childish and Silly you give Bad Meaning to the Word HOE

Ru•D•Evilest or Just Caught up in Toxins from The Gargantuan amount of Makeup you Wear

because if So I will Not Care to Murder You by Werds on My WerdPress

Yes Blood on the Edges Broken Bones Shattered and Scattered Can’t Stop Laughing with my Joker

Stair Dow to Your Level Dirt on Belly how You Like to Play Not Fare well Hare Silly Rabbit

a Reminder just keep Eating Fosters and Cookie Monsters Carrot with Eyed Closed

Yo Yo, wait… Like You into That Rape Shit?


This That Ape Shit on the Run iTour wit a•Lexis Son that Ass the Most Plush just thinking on it i wanna bust,

But i digress, Before the Best followed after THE Ending before period TooEver Do it

remember waited almost four hours she was Just getting her purse next door

11 to 7 she talking when y’all coming back like i’m wearing designer that’s all me baby

tred to guilt trip on what was done with money knot belonging to her

cole world thought was kisha never kew love
haw chew
she react like corona virus when even she thinking on love

ms Wallace trust me enough to let me know where to inject her heart
but nothing there
just a large pulp of fiction she makes any and everything up telling stories
like she up for an award
and the oscar goes…

my mama don’t like you and she likes everyone

and I never like admit that i was wrong

i been so busy at my job and caught up with myself i didn’t see what’s going on’ve

but if you like the way you look that much baby you should go fuc yourself

and if you think you won’t leave candy scorn and that wallz won’t do you wrong
baby you should go fuc yourself

and if you think that Double •R’s world consist of you and you alone
baby you should go fuc yourself


Happy New Year to All You New NEuGAS •[real text unedited to my NEuGA]•


•••SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE••• [but understand it is about the journey and or process not the results] not in the same place, may seem like it but previously still completely broken, then the opportunity was there to make life what we wanted but the knowledge was not there… then had the knowledge but zero opportunity. •••DISPARATE PEOPLE DO DISPARATE THINGS••• yea went away to “college” ow had a minute to reflect try to understand exactly what it is that is wanted vs obtainable [my marriage can never go back to what it was and what it was, was never real] Forget work hard and god spirt shit [yea important] is nothing compared to facing you biggest fear and you will never be what you want until you do. Plan what you want backwards [end result desired first] then simply work backwards[really normal forward] but if do not have the end result in mind at the start you will never get to the end result.
In This Game of Life, you may slip, may stumble, and even at times fall on ambition…. but always, even when knee deep and Grimm Probable Results,
Playa’ Stay Up.
No Significance if New Car or Bus Pass, Money in the Bank or Only Spare Change, and the Birth of a New Life or The Acceptance of the Departed… Stay Up.
Any Situation in Life always Do The Right Thing, so your Head may Always… Stay Up. Playa’ the call me “mr. PsU” because despite all that has happened, is happening now, and will happen as to come… i Stay Up